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WANT TO HIRE A STRIPPER? What can you expect from a stripper at EXOTIC6 Stripper-Agency:

What can you expect from a stripper at Exotic6 Stripper-Agency:

The exotic6 give an experience as if a real police woman is coming in, the lucky one who is allowed to experience the stripshow on the chair, of course, is shocked until the music turns on and it turns out to be a stripper! Hilarious of course when the cop gets undressed!

During the strip act the audience becomes very involved so that it is a great experience for everyone in the room.

In the show, humor is highly regarded as an experience.

Of course there is also a lot of interaction with the person in the chair and our professional strippers each have their own dance choreo, making it a real perfect stripshow. Our strippers know exactly how far they can go with the stripact and their jokes, it must of course be experienced as fun for everyone! Do you want to make it a little more exciting and can seat several

people, then our duo stripshow is definitely recommended!

The strippers always take a usb/cd or music with them on their phone, so that everything can be easily arranged with the audio equipment.

If there is no audio equipment present, an audio box can also be brought to the location by the stripper himself. CALL US FOR MORE DETAILS 18882941804

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