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Brampton beats Toronto in annual ranking of the sexiest city in Canada

Brampton beats Toronto in annual ranking of the sexiest city in Canada

Michelle Payot

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Posted 14 days ago

PinkCherry has just released their ranking of the sexiest cities in Canada and shockingly, Brampton places higher than Toronto. If you're not too familiar with the brand, PinkCherry is Canada's largest online retailer for adult novelty products for sexual health and wellness. In their list of the top 10 sexiest cities in Canada, Toronto is ranked ninth place meanwhile Brampton is ranked seventh with the first place spot going to Calgary. You might be wondering how this list is curated and it's not about the sexiest people in each city, rather it's based on the purchases from the website from each city. The company ranked the Canadian cities according to purchases and behaviours during the entire 2021 calendar year. Rankings were based on sales per capita in cities with populations over 300,000. Here are the top 10 sexiest cities in Canada for 2021:

  1. Calgary, Alberta

  2. Surrey, British Colombia

  3. Ottawa, Ontario

  4. Winnipeg, Manitoba

  5. Edmonton, Alberta

  6. London, Ontario

  7. Brampton, Ontario

  8. Hamilton, Ontario

  9. Toronto, Ontario

  10. Vaughan, Ontario

Six out of the ten cities on the list are from Ontario. Last year Toronto ranked eleventh on the list so the city has moved up two spots.

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